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Construction Defect Attorney Serving Los Angeles, California

Very often, condominiums, homes, and other structures are alleged to have been constructed negligently. The resulting problems can include home-altering issues like plumbing, electricity, and worst of all, structural defects — all of which can be very costly to repair. And more recently, insurers are finding various reasons not to defend or pay out on claims against their insured, the contractors.

If you have been sued for construction defect allegations, or, if you are a homeowner or property owner who has endured damages due to improper, poor, or shoddy work, you can turn to our construction defect attorneys at Builders Law Group, Inc in Burbank, California.

We're proud to serve those in San Diego, San Bernardino, Ventura, Riverside City, Riverside County, Orange City, Orange County, and anywhere throughout Greater Los Angeles, California.

In construction defect lawsuits, Nick Campbell and his firm represent developers, construction professionals, homeowners, commercial property owners, and homeowner associations. Call or message us today to get set up with a free consultation.

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Construction Defect Cases We Handle

Construction defect litigation is a broad area of law. Builders Law Group, Inc handles claims that relate to structural defects; mold and water intrusion; and unsafe products including siding, insulation, landslides, soils subsidence, and hazardous or improperly installed fire-resistant sprinkler systems, mechanical systems, stucco, drywall, and roofing materials.

Additionally, we often argue delay claims and contract disputes of all kinds. Some other examples of construction defects we handle include, but are not limited to:

  • Structural defects

  • Roofing defects

  • Plumbing issues

  • Electrical issues

  • Window failures

  • Slab or foundation issues

  • Stucco defects

  • Drywall problems

  • Moisture intrusion

Whether you are a builder, contractor, subcontractor, developer, homeowner homeowners’ association, supplier, vendor, architect, or engineer, Nick Campbell can call on his wealth of experience and knowledge in construction litigation matters to help you.

Nick is also experienced in handling these matters in mediation, arbitration, and litigation as well as advising clients in all phases of their potential case, helping them to make the decisions that make the most sense for them and their business.

Experienced Construction Law & Litigation Attorneys in Burbank, California

Nick Campbell of Builders Law Group, Inc has 15 years of experience assisting construction professionals and property owners throughout Southern California regarding construction defects. Contact him today for a free telephonic consultation.