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Studio City has long been an area of the San Fernando Valley that well to do people flock to live and work. Los Angeles’ booming entertainment industry has a strong foundation here. In 2008, the “Mapping L.A.” project estimated that Studio City had a population of 37,201. It went on to say that Studio City had a median income of $75,657 which is high for the Los Angeles area. There is no doubt that the demand for residential and business dwellings is high. People of this area are always looking to improve their standard of living.

When there is constant work for construction professionals, there is an increased amount of legal issues that arise for these hard working people. Whether it is real estate ligation or problems with the Miller Act, Nick Campbell and the Builder’s Law Group are there to provide expert legal representation. Don’t get caught up in the confusing legal system without experienced legal help. You main focus should be your business. Let us handle the court fillings and legal proceedings. Construction professionals have had confidence in our aggressive style for many years. Call today and let us fight for your interests today.

Builders Law Group have resources and experience representing clients in all Construction Law matters, including but not limited to:

  • Studio City Construction Lawyer
  • Studio City Construction Defects
  • Studio City Mechanics Liens
  • Studio City Real Estate
  • Studio City Miller Act

Builders Law Group is proud to serve Studio City contractors and construction professionals with the aggressive, courteous, affordable representation. As a devoted construction attorney, Nick Campbell founded the Builders Law Group so he could leverage his 15 years of Construction Law experience for his clients. The Group offers elite constructon litigation services, helping contractors and construction companies alike with legal issues with contractor licenses, construction defect cases, mechanics liens, general real estate matters, and Miller Act cases.

At Builders Law Group, no matter what your needs are, we treat all our clients with courtesy, respect and devote whatever amount of time they need to ensuring their goals are met as best we can. Our attorneys take time to explain your legal situation in language that you can understand with an eye towards ensuring that your interests are constantly protected.


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