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Commercial Real Estate Support

Appended Firm Name July 31, 2023

Builders Law Group, Inc is a California Construction Law Firm that handles a wide variety of real estate litigation including conflicts over purchases, leases, HOA rules and regulations, enforcement of CC&Rs, approvals, construction contracts, construction defects, real estate fraud, easements, and commercial real estate matters.

Nick Campbell, the founder of our firm, has a wealth of knowledge and experience in Los Angeles real estate litigation matters and is equally adept at handling small matters involving disputes between homeowners or large litigation matters, involving multi-building development projects that cost millions of dollars, and everything in between.

Buying, selling, leasing, building, or renovating real estate involves multiple legal considerations. While many real estate transactions are handled successfully without the need for legal assistance, some circumstances demand the assistance of an attorney.

With so much at stake, it benefits invested parties to contact a qualified, experienced real estate attorney to help advise them of their rights and explain their legal options. Nick Campbell offers free initial consultations to determine whether or not his firm can help you detect and avoid legal pitfalls or litigate matters if the need arises.

Commercial Real Estate Litigation

Commercial real estate law can be a complex topic. So often when larger commercial properties (sometimes more than one of them) have legal problems the stakes can increase considerably. Add to this the fact that the amount of money invested in these projects can be quite large and the need for the involvement of skilled attorneys can be evident.

Los Angeles area commercial real estate lawyers must have a full depth of understanding not only regarding real estate transactions, but of the laws which govern real estate, loans, construction, mortgage brokers, and commercial and general business transactions.

Whether the issues are with apartment law, condominium complexes or multifamily properties, construction contract or defect disputes, commercial leasing as well as property and risk management, you can rely on Nick Campbell for qualified, experienced legal counsel. Nick has worked with issues pertaining to environmental compliances and he also knows the ins and outs of contracts and construction issues.

The resolution of these types of commercial real estate claims is vitally important. Builders Law Group, Inc’s real estate and construction attorneys have a proven track record of successfully representing their clients. Whether the case involves titles and deeds or land use and zoning restrictions, our attorneys have devoted their practices to knowing the law and advising individuals and businesses on their best course of action while considering things like legal ramifications and solvency issues, and costs associated with legal actions.

Speak With a Skilled Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Nick Campbell of Builders Law Group, Inc has 15 years of experience in assisting individuals, businesses, professionals, and property owners throughout Southern California regarding real estate law. Contact him today for a free telephonic consultation.