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Mechanics Lien Attorney Serving Los Angeles, California

In California, an unpaid contractor, worker, subcontractor, equipment provider or supplier, who follows the proper legal procedures, can record a mechanics’ lien against a private work of improvement for which he or she provided labor, service, materials and/or equipment.

The mechanics’ lien makes the property owner responsible for the debt owed to the contractor, worker, subcontractor, equipment provider or supplier. After the mechanics’ lien is timely recorded, if the owner of the property still doesn’t remit payment and the contractor has timely filed suit within ninety days of recording the lien, the contractor can seek a court judgment on the lien and order a foreclosure sale of the property so the debt can be paid from proceeds of the sale. The contractor is generally also entitled to court costs and interest and may be entitled to recover attorneys’ fees.

These types of liens are an excellent tool contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, vendors, equipment providers and/or supplier can use when a bill remains unpaid. Until the lien on the property is satisfied, it can affect the property adversely, preventing the property owner from selling the property and may even result in foreclosure of the lien and sale of the property.

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The nuances of California construction law can be very difficult to navigate. Nick Campbell is an experienced mechanics lien lawyer in Burbank, California who has over 15 years of experience in the industry. Many contractors, construction companies, and private real estate owners and clients rely on his knowledge to help them in their construction litigation matters or seek his advice before lawsuits are filed.

There are several legal procedures and requirements for recording a valid mechanics’ lien and filing a suit to foreclose on one. Ensuring that the contractor was properly licensed for the entirety of the project and being able to substantiate the financial basis for the claim are two examples.

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Nick Campbell of Builders Law Group, Inc has 15 years of experience in assisting construction professionals and property owners throughout Southern California regarding mechanics’ liens. Contact him today for a free telephone consultation.