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Contractor Licensing Attorney Serving Los Angeles, California

Nick Campbell of Builders Law Group, Inc represents contractors and subcontractors before the California State Contractors’ License Board (“CSLB”) in administrative proceedings. He can help new contractors get their licenses or appear in court where a license revocation or suspension may occur.

It is important to note that the California Contractors Licensing Laws state a general rule that, regardless of the merits of the claim, a contractor may not maintain any action, legal or equitable, to recover compensation for “the performance of any act or contract” unless the contractor was duly licensed “at all times during the performance of that act or contract.” Not being “duly licensed” can occur in several ways, including failing to have the proper license, performing work exceeding the scope of a license, not having worker’s compensation coverage when required, or underreporting payroll.

If you are not correctly licensed when performing a contract, you have no right to sue or recover compensation when you are wronged. Mechanic Liens and Stop Notices are not options for unlicensed or improperly licensed contractors.

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Fighting License Revocation

Builders Law Group, Inc has extensive experience offering legal assistance to those contractors fighting to obtain a contractors’ license or who are facing license suspension or revocation. Burbank construction law attorney Nick Campbell and the Builders Law Group, Inc law firm can help you protect your career and your reputation, regardless of where you live and work in Southern California.

Regardless of your circumstances, Nick Campbell can help you retain your right to work as a licensed contractor. He has handled CSLB cases involving, but not limited to:

  • Building code violations

  • Breach of contract

  • Failure to pay vendors

  • False and deceptive advertising

  • Failure to pay subcontractors

  • Failure to complete a job

  • Criminal offenses

  • CSLB Arbitrations

  • License Suspensions

At Builders Law Group, Inc, no matter your needs, we treat all our clients with courtesy, and respect and devote whatever amount of time they need to ensure their goals are met as best we can.

Nick Campbell has over 15 years of experience as a Los Angeles Contractor Licensing Attorney. No matter what your situation, he can apply his wealth of knowledge and experience to your case to help ensure the best outcome possible. Contact us today.