Client and Professional References

The references listed herein are from clients that have retained Nick Campbell and/or Builders Law Group in the past or present. The cases and any results are not necessarily typical of your particular legal issue and are, therefore not representative of any particular outcome. Each case is unique in the facts, legal analysis and, potentially, the outcome. Results are never guaranteed. The clients indicated below have reviewed the particular statements attributable to them, have agreed to be a reference and have indicated they may be contacted regarding same.

"I first met Nick several years ago when we represented different groups claiming to be the Board of Directors for a homeowners' association in Los Angeles County involved in a lawsuit against each other. Since that time, I've continued to represent homeowner associations but prefer not to handle litigation (lawsuit) matters. When I need to refer a homeowners' association to an attorney who handles litigation, I generally refer them to Nick." Jeanne H. McDonald, Esq. Law Offices of Jeanne McDonald
"Our business has had between 100-300 employees, depending on work volume. I have worked with Nick on several cases over the last several years and found his legal advice to be a valuable part of our business operations. When he opened his own firm, I quickly decided to continue working with him. He has helped us with everything from lien enforcement, collections, and employment matters." Adam Lopez, President INTERIOR EXPERTS GENERAL BUILDERS, INC.
"I own a plumbing, heating and air conditioning company. In addition to handling our company litigation matters, we've consulted Nick on a variety of general operations and business matters as they pertain to legal concerns. When you need practical, cost effective legal advice, I strongly recommend you consult with Nick." George Derpic, President BLUE RIDGE MECHANICAL CORPORATION
"As a real estate agent and construction professional, I've worked with Nick in both areas when legal matters have arisen. Nick will tell you what you need to hear, even if it's not want you want to hear. Even so, his advice has helped us make practical decisions on both real estate and construction matters." Rick Carrillo, Managing Agent SUNQUEST DEVELOPMENT, INC.
"Nick was referred to us by another attorney to handle a matter against one of our homeowners involving an alleged violation of our governing documents. The case proceeded to trial but settled on the first day, resulting in our homeowner association obtaining the result it sought, which was the removal of the improperly installed wooden floors. Nick's persistence on our behalf helped us favorably resolve the case." Robert DeCarlo, President EL PATIO DE LA VISTA HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC.
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